Sunday, March 19, 2017

East Coast Babes

East Coast Babes from Susan Wu on Vimeo.
Shot with Nikon D3200 & 35MM Nikon FM10

Today is the one year anniversary of my trip to California. 
I have decided to finally share with you my photo diary from a year ago. 
It's probably quite silly that I am uploading this from a year ago, but going through the archives I couldn't not upload these beautiful pictures.
Not all of my trip was captured with my camera but sometimes you have to sit back, relax and take in the smells, sounds, and scenery that you can. 
I have always wished that my eyes could capture photographs. However, I think that it's better left that way, no camera could capture the real feelings you get
 when you see a beautiful beachscape, 
when you are cruising through California in a sparkling silver mustang,
when you find the most delicious burrito place at the odd hour of 2am in San Francisco,
and the bittersweetness of falling in love with places
but having to choose only one place to stay.